Our process is simple

- 1 -

Introduce yourself and the business

If you can’t make it in person to our offices, help us get the topline view of your business by emailing us and including as much as you can from the following:

Team CV

Problem description

Value proposition

Addressable market

Competitive analysis

Benchmark analysis


And then we’ll sign contracts

- 2 -

Read our Proposal

We work out what resources you need, the skills and the technology and suggest how to move your business forward. We typically work in 6 month cycles, which is the optimum time to gain significant feedback on each product iteration.

- 3 -


Once both sides have agreed on the way forward, we sign contracts that will specify details of our investment amount (where appropriate) and the terms and vesting period of shares. Our contracts are legally enforced by the Dubai International Financial Center.

- 4 -

Start work

As soon as the paperwork is complete we're ready to go. Typically we can get this entire process done in less than a week

Got Questions?